Carter Grotta

Norwalk, CT based photographer and creative agency founder.

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.”


About Me

I'm Carter Grotta, and my journey in the world of photography began with a strong foundation in Advertising Photography, which I studied at the prestigious Rochester Institute of Technology. Growing up in an environment where art, advertising, writing, photography, and design seamlessly intertwined, I developed a unique perspective on the intersection of creativity and business.

My primary focus lies in the art of editorial portraiture and boudoir photography. These genres allow me to create intimate visual narratives that resonate deeply with my clients. Alongside these specialties, I bring a wealth of experience in commercial photography and various other styles, which enriches my creative approach and versatility.

My Philosophy

My fascination has always been with people, their stories, and the quest to capture their authentic selves. To me, photography is more than an art form; it's a medium that unveils a person's true essence. My ultimate goal is to empower my clients by delivering images that not only make them proud but also resonate deeply with who they are.

JUICE Creative Group

Today, I proudly serve as Managing Partner and Creative Director at JUICE Creative Group, bringing over a decade of expertise in brand development, product building, and design. My experience spans both start-ups and larger corporations.


Envy Magazine

Blaze Magazine

Venu Magazine

Wilton Magazine

Multiple Exposures: Jewelry & Photography



Today, I proudly serve as Managing Partner and Lead Photographer at space67studios, a multi-purpose creative workspace and media production studio with a full cyclorama wall.

Commercial Clients

I started working with Carter in 2018, he is so extremely talented and goes above and beyond to make sure his clients feel comfortable! His studio space is amazing, with infinite opportunities to create something new - I’ve had so many great experiences there working with Carter and his team!
Megan Heffernan
"Carter Grotta is an incredible photographer! He gives wonderful direction, has fantastic attention to detail and continues to impress me every time we shoot. I am amazed by the lighting and atmosphere of the studio. Carter always makes me feel so comfortable in front of the camera. He contributes to an overall positive energy in the studio that has you smiling and laughing throughout the shoot! The final images continuously blow me away and make me feel wonderful about myself. Look forward to being a part of many shoots in the future! "
Ava Jacobs
"I legit don’t have enough amazing words to describe my experience with Carter at this Studio. For 1, it’s in an awesome location. 2, the environment is HUGE, CRISP, SQUEAKY CLEAN, And Super vibey. There’s a dedicated space for the model to do makeup and wardrobe. Carter himself is an artist with the lense. Light Set ups, Creative design and The best Vibe ever. Will ALWAYS shoot with Carter at his space 💕💕 Xoxo"
Brooke Spears
"One of my favorite photographers to work with, he always gets it right! 😍"
Crystal Elenett
"Carter instantly created a comfortable environment and was amazing to work with. I was able to take my time and really achieve what I wanted.Collaboration was extremely smooth and overall had a super positive experience. The space is absolutely incredible and the photos came out beautiful!"
Lexi Ramirez-Solomon
"Carter has always been amazing when I’ve worked with him. He makes me feel so comfortable in my body and being around him when we do more risqué shoots. So encouraging through every photo! Truly the best and favorite male photographer I’ve worked with!!!"
Sarah Stillman
"Where do you even begin, working with Carter is always, not only an amazing experience but a comfortable one at that! Carter is someone who likes to have fun and bring you out of your comfort zone. I have been working with Carter since 2019 and the growth I have seen in my own pictures is insane and I give all the credit to him! Without Carter bringing me out of my shell I wouldn’t have learned as much as I did! The studio is beautiful and really allows the opportunity for so many different projects! If your looking for a fun and professional experience Carter is the way to go!"
Madie Macrae
"Carter has an incredible ability to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere during the photoshoot, which allowed me to be myself and brought out the best in me. Their attention to detail and keen eye for composition resulted in stunning photographs that surpassed all my expectations. Each image captured the essence of the moment, conveying emotions and telling a unique story."
Lin Marando